Refectocil Brow Styling Wax Strips

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Refectocil Brow Styling Wax Strips Description

New from Refectocil! Wax styling strips for the perfect eyebrows in 2 minutes! These patented strips are quick and easy to use and give you perfect form eyebrows, 2/3 rising, 1/3 falling, providing an optical lifting effect. Suitable for all eyebrows. When dyeing at the same time, these wax strips act as a stencil. Read the packaging insert for more information. After use, do not apply any perfumed products for 24 hours, and avoid sunbathing. Store strips at room temperature. Avoid high heat. Forget the plucking – a method that takes a lot of time and doesn’t guarantee an ideal result. With Refectocil Brow Styling Strips it only takes 2 minutes to create perfectly shaped WOW Brows. Troublesome hairs are removed at the root TIP: Individual very short hairs may remain. They will have already been loosened by the wax and can easily be pulled out with tweezers. 30 Applications per pack

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Making use of the service of the online store, you can find dating Refectocil Brow Styling Wax Strips of various styles, kinds and colors. We live working with the, producing gentle, durable along with great merchandise.


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