37 Years Same Owner Same Location
Renaldi's Since 1973


My favorite is the pan style pizza...

I have been ordering from this pizza place for years. My favorite is the pan style pizza, well done with sausage, pepperoni or ground beef. This is some really good pie crispy, good sauce, great cheese and toppings ratio.
Review taken from yelp.com

The pizza... I can't pass it up!

As a NYC transplant, I crave the NY style pizza that you can fold in half and eat while walking down the sidewalk. At Renaldi's, you can actually sit and enjoy your slice, but it doesn't take away from the great pizza that reminds me of NY. They also have other selections, such as pasta, but I've never tried anything but the pizza because I can't pass it up! The restaurant is cozy and the wait staff is very prompt.
Review taken from yelp.com